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Large sites tend to have dozens of media files, with images and attachments on nearly every page. This can make finding a specific image to insert into a page rather difficult.

To help combat this we've added the ability to Council Platform for users to create folders inside the Media Library and group media files inside them. Like folders on your desktop, these folders work the same way with right click giving you the usual options to add new folders, rename them, or delete them.

To add media files into a folder:

  1. Go to the Media Browser.
  2. Right click in the Folders pane and select "New folder".
  3. Drag and drop media files into your folder.
  4. Alternatively you can assign files to a folder when you edit them in the Media Library.
  5. When you next add an image to a webpage, you have the option to filtering by the folder its assigned to, making it easier to find.