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Council Platform can natively embed maps from Google, Bing, and OpenStreetMap, but it can also display enhanced maps with location markers taken from other webpages.

These map-based listings make use of the Directory content type.

Video file

To add a new location to a map:

  1. Choose the Directory Page type from the content creation menu,
  2. Add your main text and title,
  3. Choose the Directory map you want the page show under,
  4. Select the location Category so it can be filtered accordingly and add the summary text that will display under the Directory map,
  5. Add the location's address,
  6. Publish.

Creating a new Directory map to list pages under is even easier.

Video file

To add a new Directory map:

  1. Choose the Directory type from the content creation menu,
  2. Add a page title,
  3. Add the Facet Types if desired - these are the categories you can assign to webpages that users will then be able to filter pages by,
  4. Publish.

This new Directory map will then appear under the list of available Directories when editing Directory Pages. Once you start assigning Directory Pages to it, it will automatically be populated with map locations and links to those pages.

You can see an example of these maps on the Demo site's Museum page.