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We'd like to introduce Doc2Page, an online tool built by us that converts document files such as PDFs and Word documents to HTML webpages. This tool is now integrated into the latest version of Council Platform.

Many local authorities have libraries of inaccessible PDFs and Docs. Doc2Page takes the uploaded file and produces a webpage based on its content. It's not flawless, as page breaks will be present in the content and images may shift around, but it greatly accelerates the process of recreating document content on your Council Platform site.

To convert a document to a webpage:

  1. Click 'Add document content' and select and/or upload your document.
  2. Choose the type of webpage you want to convert it to and click 'Convert'.
  3. Inspect the produced webpage and make any adjustments as needed.
  4. Publish your page.

You can also browse in the Media Library to an existing document and convert it in place by clicking the new 'Convert document' button.