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The 2.1.0 release was completed on 14th September.  As seems to be the norm now, the new release is already in use on selected client production sites. 

Headline features:

Enable basic image editing in the WYSIWYG editor.

When an image is added to a content item from the media library, the WYSIWYG editor will show options to crop a selected region of the resulting image to a selected aspect ratio.  This will empower content editors to ensure images use a recommended "3x2 landscape" or "2x3 portrait" aspect ratio, increasing consistency of content.  It also allows them to zoom in on more relevant parts of an image, all without leaving the content editing system, thereby speeding up their workflow.

Image editing in the WYSIWYG editor
Image editing in the WYSIWYG editor

Enable background gradients in the WYSIWYG editor.

Currently, it's possible to select a solid colour to act as the background colour for WYSIWYG components.  This functionality will be expanded to allow colour gradients, making more visually exciting styles to be created.

Introduce "Reusable blocks" functionality to customers by inclusion of a new "Contact Us" reusable block.

Reusable blocks functionality has been in the Platform for some time, but was of limited value as it was not easy to update them.  A recent upgrade of the WYSIWYG editor changes this, and so we plan on introducing an example reusable block to all sites to showcase the functionality to customers.

An example "Contact Us" reusable block added using the WYSIWYG editor
An example "Contact Us" reusable block added using the WYSIWYG editor
The reusable block user interface in the WYSIWYG editor.
The reusable block user interface in the WYSIWYG editor.


Add functionality so that a user's search filter selection is maintained when they toggle between the "Calendar View" and "List View" event pages.

In some customer sites, user search filter selections are lost when the events page is toggled between the "Calendar View" and "List View".  We've hot-fixed this on some client sites, but we need to backport the hotfix into the codebase of the Platform so all clients benefit.

Fixes for accessibility issues getting flagged by Silktide.

Silktide routinely scan some client sites and report accessibility issues found at  This has flagged a couple of style improvement points relating to map embeds in the Platform.  It also highlights some false positives which we are fixing to clear the issue from Silktide, so customers benefit from a more useful "top 5" accessibility issues list offered for free by Silktide.


  • Fix a display bug that occurs when YouTube video embeds are added to the site.
  • Fix a bug that occurs when rendering the Event content type's address field.

This release is not a security release, so will be deployed to client sites on request. As always, eventually all clients will gain access to this functionality free of charge when the next security update to the Platform is rolled out.