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22 March 2022

Great news, the next release of Council Platform is now available for production usage!

Key feature:

Screenshot of the Accordion WYSIWYG component
The Accordion WYSIWYG component

Minor improvements:

  • Implement a "card" style variation for the Task List WYSIWYG component.  This is similar to the existing Task List WYSIWYG component, but uses a "card" style display and pulls through listing images of child pages if they are set. An example of this is available at  Please note that in this example we've only added listing images to the first 4 child content items.
Screenshot of the "Card" style task list WYSIWYG component
The new "card" style task list
Screenshot of Directory functionality
A Directory complete with listing images


  • News view - Drop the suffix from the date format, so dates are of the form 9 March 2022, rather than 9th March 2022.
  • Fix an accessibility best practice issue whereby the pagination control of lists uses a "h4" HTML tag, which leads to heading hierarchy issues.
  • Fix a bug whereby bullets show next to dropdown menu links when viewed on a mobile device.
  • Fix a bug whereby the environment indicator module occasionally triggers a fatal PHP error.

As always, this functionality is made available to all existing customers, meaning their sites keep on improving over time.