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The next release of Council Platform has arrived. In line with our new release plan, this is smaller in size and hence quicker in time to deliver.

Key feature:

The GOV.UK "Chevron Card" task list style
The GOV.UK "Chevron Card" task list style.

Minor improvements:

  • “Search Exclude” functionality - Now any content item can be removed from the site's internal search results.
  • “Password Policy” functionality - New user account passwords will be required to have a minimum of 8 characters and make use of 3 character types from lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. We can optionally also setup password expiry periods for sites upon request (i.e. passwords require resetting every X months).
  • “Media Revisions” functionality - This introduces a 'revisions' tab to Media items, so that changes can be tracked and reverted, just like normal content items.


  • Correcting a typo in the Expiry notification emails.
  • Changing the default distribution list of Expiry emails to be the author of the content, plus ad hoc emails, rather than all users with the Content Editor role.
  • Fix a styling bug where images that are aligned right in Directory pages are adjacent to the map.

As always, this functionality is made available to all existing customers, meaning their sites keep on improving over time.