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22 November 2022

1.14 is one of our largest releases yet, so big it had to be delivered in 4 parts, taking us all the way up to 1.14.4!

Headline Features:

Design and implement a more graphical variant of the existing Events functionality

The current styling of the "/events" page on most sites is better suited to diary management as opposed to marketing events to the public. As part of our work on building a destination marketing microsite for Brentwood Borough Council,, we've created a more graphical "card" style display option for this page along the lines of

Improve File "Used In" functionality so it is actually useful!

This comes off the back of requests from North Herts District Council and Plymouth City Council. There is a long-running issue in Drupal's core whereby the "Used In" data in the "Files" report at "/admin/content/files" is inaccurate. We've invested development time to replace the core functionality with our own solution. This will provide content editors with a comprehensive way of determining where files are used around a site, and whether they are "orphaned" and can be safely deleted.

Minor Improvements:

  • Take the Directory Page parent's Book hierarchy into account on breadcrumbs.

    Currently, Directory Page content items don't pick up the breadcrumb of the parent Directory they are assigned to, so appear as "first level" breadcrumb items. We've addressed this as part of work for Rochford District Council, e.g., so will add it back into the core Platform.
  • Improve the usability of the "Facets" input in the admin system for the Directory Page content type.

    The "Facets" input field for Directory Page content items is too small and non-obvious in terms of usage. We've added some info text to explain to content editors that you need to "Ctrl + click" to add multiple facets to a Directory Page. We've also made the input field larger, so it's easier to see the full facet list.
  • Improve logging of key events in the platform.

    The Recent Log Messages report at "/admin/reports/dblog" is clogged with not useful cron run reports. We've filtered these out and also captured more platform events so it's easier to see what's happening on sites without having to resort to the server logs.
  • Enable support for Twitter Card meta tags for all content types.

    When content is shared in Twitter, meta tags can be used to automatically generate a "Twitter Card". Building on work done for the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner's site build,, we've added functionality to the core Platform that ensures Twitter Cards are supported for all content types. Fingers crossed that Twitter is still a thing by the time this update is deployed!
  • Add more information to the Jobs listing page.

    This addresses a request from North Herts District Council. We've added fields for "Publication Date" and "Job Hours" to the "Job" content type. We've also included the existing "Summary Text" field in the "/jobs" page, so content editors can write whatever they want in free text.


This is all relatively dull internal stuff, so I won't go through it in detail. I've included it though so that the time we spend investing in the Platform is visible:

  • Update the Search API, Require Login and Admin Toolbar modules.
  • Migrate "File" media entities to be "Document" media entities. This is required so that "Search in Documents" functionality can work cleanly. An example of this functionality is available on the Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council website.
  • Address a usability issue in the admin system where Book Outlines cannot be updated if the entity has field validation errors.
  • Set the "Attachment" field's default Paragraph to be none.
  • Fix a bug in the frontend of the site where a full width Video WYSIWYG component doesn't show as full width when played.

As it doesn't contain any security updates, this release will only be applied to sites upon request.