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The 1.12.0 release of Council Platform passed testing on 25th August and is already in use on all live sites. This is because it includes a security update for one of the JavaScript libraries used by the Platform (specifically the "jQuery UI checkboxradio" library).

The contents of the release are as follows:

Headline Features:

Allow manual control of ordering of Directories.

Currently, this is limited to just the "Routes and Trails" Directory type. It allows admin system users to set the order of Directory Pages using a drag and drop list.  A live example of this is the site at where the "points of interest" are manually ordered to be the same order that they appear on the walking route.

Add an "Attachments" field to every content type.

This allows admin system users to attach multiple media library items to a page. They will appear as a table at the bottom of the main content region:

A screenshot of the Attachments table.
A screenshot of the Attachments table.

The order of items in the table is controllable via the admin system.  The information shown in the table is dynamically extracted from the uploaded files, so filenames will need curation prior to upload, so they are appropriate. A live example of this is shown at the bottom of This is useful for pages with large amounts of statutory documents such as financial statements or policies.

We would always recommend using an HTML page over less accessible formats such as PDF documents, but we recognise this isn't always practical.

Minor Improvements:

  • Update the News listing view to include a placeholder listing image if no listing image is set.
  • Add styling so that long menu entries in the mega menu wrap and stay within their column.
  • Add styling to address the page load flicker associated with the global search form instantaneously showing and then hiding as a page loads.
  • A large amount of refinement work to our RapidStart scraper/importer system for automated content migration.  This was necessary for Brentwood Borough Council's site build on the platform.


  • Ensure expiration email templates used by sites reference the correct domain for the Documentation site.
  • Correct "Search and Replace" functionality permissions, so this is accessible for Site Admin users.
  • Fix an edge case bug whereby converting an existing Directory to use the "A to Z listing" format fails to complete.
  • Add extra styles to ensure the "Back to top" functionality works as expected, even if the pre-footer feedback form has been removed from a site.
  • Fix a bug whereby the Directory page count included unpublished content items.
  • Fix a bug that affected the Asset Injector, accidentally introduced in version 1.11.0 of the Platform, which meant an invisible overlay element prevented the Asset Injector form fields from being usable.
  • Fix an edge case style bug where the right-hand column of Informational Pages overlapped the left-hand one at tablet widths when the page contained grid content, such as a Task List WYSIWYG component.
  • Apply a security update for a low risk vulnerability discovered in jQuery UI checkboxradio library that is referenced by the platform, but is not in use on any sites.

As this is a security release of the Platform, all sites have been updated to use it, at no extra cost. This means that all sites now benefit from the functionality and refinements of all previous non-security releases to date.