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Drawing on our experience of working on the websites of many UK councils, we’ve built a new “Software as a Service” (SaaS) product for running UK Council websites.

Council Platform offers a better way for councils to provide digital services to citizens, maximising functionality and minimising risk and cost.

What is Council Platform?

  • It’s an online service which is immediately available.
  • The product is fully functional from the first day you have access to it, there is no long build phase.
  • It is packed with functionality which is likely to be useful to councils.
  • Councils can pick and choose what functionality they use and what customisation they do to their sites.
  • The service is continuously developed and invested in.
Council Platform - The better way to run UK Council websites logo

Why Council Platform?

Make council’s lives easier.

Focus on the service delivered rather than the distraction of “how”.

Avoids the pain of a big custom build.

  • Hugely time intensive.
  • High risk - every site is a prototype!
  • Long lead time.

Reduces the challenge of keeping the sites going.

  • Sourcing and retaining expertise.
  • Security exploits.
  • Legislation changes.
  • Technology changes.

Cost savings through economies of scale

Council websites are very diverse in how they are built but need to fulfil the same citizen needs.

Room for improvement

A lot of sites follow the build, hold, rebuild approach, so lag behind the latest innovations.